The Challenge Is ON!

The challenge is to make games with AI elements, so it includes artists, game designers, game developers and AI specialists. AI in games has a variety of applications and therefore has enough challenges for all participants.

The challenge is common to everyone present, there is no internal competition, but everyone is competing as one big team against the tasks. The challenge is to produce a certain number of AI-game solutions by category.

In order to solve the challenge, we have to self-organize our work. We should break down every game projects and tasks and use some scrum-like techniques to work them out. Everybody who finishes working on a given project can immediately find himself a new one and join the team currently working on it. All finished code files and assets accompanied by a reasonably understandable documentation are published in a public repo.

Dynamic visualization of how an AI works (say a neural network / genetic algorithm diagram) is required to demonstrate how it works during the game (for example, which inputs are activated and when, which outputs are being activated and how, etc).

In order to beat the challenge all the diversifiers must be fulfilled, while at least one of them must be present in each game. The total gameplay time for all games created must be at least 3 hours. When the work on a given game is completed we all celebrate it with applause and confetti!

Information for participants:
- Tool book
- Information pack (in Bulgarian)
- Task Repositories

Task 1

Create a Game

& an AI bot

Create a game from any genre (Action, Card, Fighting, Platformer, Racing, Shooter, Sport, Strategy) and then create an AI opponent for this game.

Task 2

Procedurally Generated Game

Create a procedurally generated game (game environment, sounds, NPC behaviours included).

Task 3

Teach a bot

to play a game

Create a bot that plays an already existing casual game.

Task 4

Cooperative Game

Create an AI for a game and then create more than one bot (different bots could have different behaviours), who then have to cooperate in order to beat the game.

Task 5

Educational Game

Create an educational game, which is an example of AI itself.

(Bonus) Task 6

Multiplayer Arena Game

Create a simple arena battle game where every participant could create a bot to play against other bots. Reprogramming and adjustments on the bots are allowed.


All of them have to be covered somehow by at least one game

Design & Narratives

  • Responsible play - the game aims to solve a real-world (social or scientific) problem.
  • Gimme an interview, please – Incorporate a local legend / funny story in the game you create.
  • Inception – Create a fully-featured second game inside your original game.
  • Toy story - Make your game around, or inspired by a real-world toy you have played during your lifetime.
  • Night and Day - Integrate “night” and “day” modes that must be switched between as one of the game mechanics.
  • Gandy - The game must have zero violence in its gameplay. Conflicts must have resolutions based on logic

Game Art & Feel

  • Back to 1823 – The game you create has an atmosphere from the XIX century.
  • 8-bit colours only – You are only allowed to choose and work with 8-bit colours for all your game assets.
  • Stan Lee tribute - the game features comics-style art.
  • In Ink - Use only black and white colours in your design. There should be no other colours, not even grey.
  • Stranger Things - Your game's ambience is inspired by an 80s pop song.
  • Fractalicious - Your game should predominantly feature the idea of patterns that repeat within themselves as you zoom in or expand the game world.

Coding features

  • Open API – Implement the use of data from a public API in your game.
  • Tech salad – Your game features a mix of at least 3 trendy technologies altogether (quantum, AR, AI, etc.)
  • Celestial - An option to adjust game speed is included.
  • Not the bees - The mechanic is based on swarm tactics.
  • Game Legacy - Each playthrough of the game affects the next.
  • Open it - The game only uses materials found in the public domain.

Event Speakers

The Hack & Design Challange Vol. 1 will start with a couple of super-interesting lectures

Angel Marchev Sr.

Angel Marchev 1.0 is the pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Gaming. Being a world-renowned scientist in self-organization methods (and one of the founders of multi-stage selection procedures), he has also dedicated his life to adding a gaming layer on top of the Globe, and along that process he has started the gamification of everything movement, long before the word “gamification” was coined.

Steve Stavrev

Steve Stavrev is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the link between AI and gaming. He teaches game design and does research at the Faculty of mathematics and informatics at the Plovdiv University. Steve is an entrepreneur in the field of serious gaming, and most importantly he is a distinguished lecturer at tech conferences in the fields of AI and gaming.

Day What When
Friday Registration 17:00 - 18:00
Friday Opening 18:00 - 18:05
Friday Meetup: Angel Marchev Sr. & Stefan Stavrev 18:05 - 19:30
Friday Rules and regulations 19:30 - 20:00
Friday Improduction & Initial coordination 20:00 - 21:30
Friday Dinner 21:30
Friday Progress report 23:45 - 24:00
Saturday Beer Pong tournament 01:00
Saturday Progress report 11:45 - 12:00
Saturday Lunch 12:00
Saturday Dinner 19:30
Saturday (Recommended) X-Ray concert @ Dada Bar (10 Benkovski str.) 20:45 - 21:30
Saturday Progress report 23:45 - 24:00
Sunday Progress report 11:45 - 12:00
Sunday Lunch 12:00
Sunday Dinner 20:00
Sunday Progress report 23:45 - 24:00
Monday End of development phase 11:59
Monday Lunch 12:00
Monday Play and tune up of the games 12:00 - 16:00
Monday Afterparty 16:00 - 20:00

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